Loudness Meta Normalizer

This plug-in allows you to normalize a batch of files to the same loudness, while taking the EBU R-128 loudness measurement and a true peak analysis into account.

The purpose of this plug-in is to achieve the same loudness in all files (the highest loudness found, if possible), while being certain that no file clips. For each file, a specific gain is computed by the plug-in once all files have been analyzed and prior to actually applying any gain to achieve the common loudness. If it is not possible to match the highest found loudness, the level of the file with the highest loudness is reduced, so that other files can get the same loudness. Because no peak compression is used, the dynamics is preserved and no distortion is introduced.

This metapass plug-in is exclusive to the Batch Processor window.

Match Loudness

Select what loudness the clip should get. The following options are available:

  • Match loudest audio file

  • Match maximum achievable loudness

  • Match specific loudness


Determines the specific loudness to match. For example, -23 LUFS if you want to follow the EBU R-128 recommendation for broadcast.


Select whether WaveLab should use as reference the loudness of the entire clip (EBU R-128 recommendation), the average loudest 3 second audio section (Top of Loudness Range), or the loudest 3 seconds audio section (Maximum Short-Term Loudness).


Select whether WaveLab should refer to sample values (digital peaks) or to analog reconstructed values (true peaks).