Loudness Restorer

Loudness Restorer captures the loudness at a specific point in the audio chain and restores that loudness at another point. For this reason, the Loudness Restorer must be inserted in pairs into the signal chain: one plug-in for capturing and one plug-in for restoring.

This multipass plug-in is exclusive to the Batch Processor window.

Mode - Capture

The first instance in the plug-in pair must be set to this mode. This makes the plug-in read the signal at this position in the audio chain.

Mode - Restore Peak Level/Restore Loudness (EBU R-128 Weighted)

The second instance in the plug-in pair must be set to one of these modes. Select one of these options if you want to use peak levels as a basis for determining what is considered equal level. Restore Loudness (EBU R-128 Weighted) produces a more natural result than Restore Peak Level.

Reference menu

Select whether WaveLab should use as reference the loudness of the entire file (EBU R-128 recommendation), the average loudest 3 second audio section (Top of Loudness Range), or the loudest 3 seconds audio section (Maximum Short-Term Loudness).

Peak menu

Select whether WaveLab should use sample values (Digital Peaks) or analog reconstructed values (True Peaks).

Limit to 0 dB

If this option is activated, the restoration process will never result in levels above 0 dB.