Audio Analyzer

This plug-in allows you to generate text files with statistics about the audio files in a batch process.

This monopass plug-in is exclusive to the Batch Processor window.

If you want to analyze files without writing anything, select No Output in the Output tab of the Batch Processor window.

Information to Report

In this section you specify which information to include in the output. The following information can be included:

  • Sample rate

  • Number of channels

  • Real bit resolution

  • Number of samples/duration

  • Digital peaks

  • True peaks

  • Integrated loudness

  • Loudness range

  • Short-term loudness (maximum)

  • Short-term loudness (minimum)

  • Momentary loudness (maximum)

  • Momentary loudness (minimum)

  • Loudness balance

  • DC Offset


In this section you set up the output of the Audio Analyzer. The following options are available:

Send Analysis Results to XML Processor

If this option is activated, the analysis results are passed as parameters to the XML or HTML output of the batch processor.

Create One Report per Audio File

If this option is activated, one report is created for each audio file in the batch process. The audio file name is used as the report file name.

Merge Results into Global Report

If this option is activated, the results of the analysis are merged into a global report. The audio file name is used as the report file name.

Open Global Report at End of Batch Process

If this option is activated, a global report opens after the batch process.

File Name Suffix

Lets you specify a file name suffix. This is necessary when you are using this plug-in multiple times in a batch process, for example, to see the stats before and after specific plug-ins.

Use different suffixes for each instance of the Audio Analyzer plug-in used in the processing chain.

Output format

Lets you select the output format. The following formats are available:

  • Pure text

  • HTML

  • Adobe PDF

  • Open Office

  • Spreadsheet

  • XML