Audio CD Reports

An audio CD report is a detailed report about the active audio CD. This report includes a full track listing with ISRC codes, track times, and CD-Text.

The audio CD report can be output in HTML, Adobe PDF, XML, simple text format, CSV format, or printed out. You can choose the details of what is displayed and include your custom logo. You can send the audio CD report to your client, an album artwork designer, or to the CD replication house when presenting them with a master CD, for example.

There are two types of variables:

  • Factory variables provide automatically generated information about a project, such as number of tracks, track times, track names, etc., based on the actual contents of the project.

  • User defined variables contain personal data such as company name and copyright information, etc.

Along with the variables, the audio CD report can also include any CD-Text that you have specified, for example, composers or performers.