MIDI Timecode

Productions that contain video usually contain timecode information. Nuendo Live allows you to save MIDI timecode (MTC) in your recordings, to facilitate aligning the audio timeline with the video timeline during postproduction.

For using MIDI timecode information in Nuendo Live, the following applies:

  • Incoming MIDI timecode is automatically recognized and displayed on the toolbar.

  • The timecode information is written into the timestamp of Broadcast Wave Format (BWF) files.

  • The transport functions are not locked by incoming timecode information. This means that you can always freely navigate through the timeline and start recording from any position.

  • Wrong timecode settings or corrupt incoming timecode information do not prevent Nuendo Live from recording.

  • You can use Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation to generate MIDI timecode; for example, from longitudinal timecode (LTC).

  • MIDI Machine Control (MMC) via timecode or VST System Link is not supported.