Multi Slot Section

In the multi slot section on the left, you can load and save multi-programs, manage the default multi-program, and clear the entire plug-in instance.

Load Multi-Program

Opens a window that allows you to load multi-programs.

Save Multi-Program

Opens a window that allows you to save your settings as a multi-program.

Context Menu

Clear Plug-in Instance

Resets the entire plug-in instance to an empty state.


Allows you to rename the current multi-program.

Load Default

Loads the default multi preset.

Save as Default

Allows you to save the current multi as the default multi preset.

This includes the loaded programs, the active page, the current size and position of the plug-in window, etc.

Restore Factory Default

Restores the factory default multi preset.


The default preset that can be set in the Cubase plug-in header overrides the default multi preset in HALion. To use the HALion multi preset instead, right-click the preset field in the plugin-header, and select Remove Default Preset .