Insert Effects

Each channel can load up to 8 insert effects. To display the inserts, you must expand the channel strips.

Each insert can either be a classical insert effect like a chorus or a delay, or it can load one of the 4 AUX send effects that allow you to send the signal to the AUX busses. All slot, program, and layer busses, as well as zones, can send signal portions to these busses. If an AUX send effect is loaded, a level fader is available for the insert slot. Use this fader to set the level that is sent to the AUX bus.


You cannot use send effects on AUX and output busses.

Pre-Fader Send Effects

By default, send levels are influenced by the level of the bus. If you want to adjust the send level independently from the bus level, you can set the send to pre-fader by activating the corresponding button to the left of the level fader.