Output Configurations in Different Hosts

Apple Logic 9

HALion provides 32 stereo outputs and one surround output connecting with the host application or a standalone hardware device. In most applications, all these outputs are available. However, Logic 9 only allows for 16 outputs for a single plug-in. When you open HALion, you can choose one of 4 output configurations: Stereo, 5.1-Surround, Multi-Output (1x5.1, 15xStereo), and Multi-Output (16xStereo).


Ableton Live 8 does not support surround busses.

Sonar 9

Sonar 9 allows you to activate all outputs either in mono or in stereo. For mono, you get 64 channels for the 32 HALion stereo channels plus six channels for the surround bus. If the stereo outputs are activated, Sonar uses 32 stereo channels plus three stereo channels for the surround bus.