Note Expression

Steinberg’s Note Expression technology was developed for creating realistic instrument performances. Note Expression allows you to create automated modulations for each note. HALion supports Note Expression for volume, pan, and tuning.

If you use a Steinberg DAW that supports Note Expression, you can automate the Note Expression parameters for any program in HALion per note.

Furthermore, in programs that give you access to the modulation matrix, you can assign up to eight Note Expression controllers to the available modulation destinations. These work in addition to the preassigned pitch, pan, and level modulations.


The Note Expression controllers of a program are shared by all its zones. This means that the controller data affects all zones simultaneously. Depending on how the Note Expression controllers are set up, each zone can react differently.


If you use HALion with host applications that do not support Note Expression, the Note Expression editor page and the Note Expression controllers in the modulation matrix are visible, but they do not have any influence on the program.