Step Flanger

The Step Flanger expands the Flanger with a Sample and Hold section that divides the modulation signal into a definable number of steps.


Allows you to specify the frequency of the pitch modulation in Hertz.


Activate this to set the Rate value in fractions of beats.


Sets the intensity of the pitch modulation.


Widens the sound image of the effect from mono to stereo. This parameter also changes the characteristic of the Cross FB parameter.


Adjusts the characteristics of the modulation. You hear this best when Feedback is activated. At a setting of 0 %, the sound sweeps linearly up and down. At a setting of 100 %, the sound sweeps exponentially up and down.


Sets the ratio between the dry and the wet signal.


Adds resonances to the effect. This allows for jet-like sweeps of the sound.

Cross FB

Mixes the feedback of the left channel with the right channel, and vice versa. The effect of this parameter is influenced by the Phase parameter.


This parameter only takes effect if the Feedback parameter is set to a value above 0 %.


Adjusts the tone color of the feedback. At lower values, the feedback is less bright.


Defines the length of the delay line that is modulated. Short produces a sharper and Long a less defined, more blurred flanger sound.

S&H Mix

Use this parameter to blend the normal modulation signal with the stepped modulation signal. At 100 %, only the stepped modulation is used.


Use this parameter to create ramps between the steps. This way, the stepped modulation signal sounds smoother.


Determines into how many steps the modulation signal is divided. You can use up to 32 steps.