Effect Handling

Groove Agent SE features four AUX busses that can be used to realize classic send effects. Each bus hosts up to four insert effects, which allows you to set up complex effects. The busses can be routed to the Master output of the plug-in or to one of the individual outputs.

The Kit Mixer provides access to the mixer channel of the kit which also features four inserts.

Furthermore, the Mixer provides access to the Master output bus. This can be used to add a global EQ or compressor to the signal chain, for example.

Default Effect Settings

Each effect comes with factory default settings. However, you can save your own default settings for each effect as a preset.

  • Set up the effect.

  • Click the Save Preset button in the title bar of the effect section and save the preset under the name “--Default--”.

The preset is saved in the presets folder of the effect and is loaded each time you load the effect.

  • To return to the factory default settings, delete your default preset.