AUX Mixer

The AUX mixer features 4 AUX busses that can be used to realize classic send effects.

Each bus hosts up to 4 insert effects, which allows you to set up complex effects. The busses can be routed to the Master output of the plug-in or to one of the individual outputs. Each kit slot has its own AUX mixer. This means that you can use different Reverb send effects for the different slots, for example. All settings of the AUX mixer are saved in kit presets.



On this pop-up menu, you can select one of the 16 available outputs for the AUX bus or you can route the signal to the Kit mixer.


Allows you to set the level of the AUX bus.


Sets the position of the AUX bus in the stereo panorama.


Mutes the AUX bus.

Effect Slots

You can use the 4 slots on the right of each channel strip to add insert effects to the slot.