Acoustic Agent SE Mixer

The Agent mixer for Acoustic Agent SE kits allows you to perform the mixing of these kits. Different content sets feature different sets of drum instruments, therefore, the available channel strips in the mixer vary with the kits.

In the top right corner of the Agent mixer, you can find the global Mute and Solo buttons.

  • To reset all Mute buttons of the Agent mixer, click the global Mute button.

  • To reset all Solo buttons of the Agent mixer, click the global Solo button.


The left section of the mixer contains dedicated group channels for each of the instruments used in the kit.

Room and Overhead Microphones

The Room/OH tab contains channels for the room and the overhead microphones.

If you are using a kit from the The Kit SE content set, the following applies:

The room channel is recorded using a compressed pressure zone microphone (PZM). You can deactivate the Room channel with the button below the Mute button. This reduces the processor load.

Kit Mix Channel

The Kit Mix tab contains the channel strip for the Kit Mix output.

For the Kit Mix output channel, you can add a Tube Saturator effect.

  • To activate the Tube Saturator effect, click its On/Off button.

  • To change the effect sound, adjust the Drive parameter.