Changing the start position of videos

You can change both the rhythmic position in the music at which videos start, and the position in the video that coincides with that rhythmic position; for example, if you want the fifth second of a video to sync with the start of the third bar of music.


  1. In Setup mode, open the Video Properties dialog in one of the following ways:
    • Add a video to a flow.

    • In the Flows panel, right-click a flow and choose Video > Properties from the context menu.

  2. Change the values for the following options, individually or together:
    • Flow attachment position

    • Video start offset

  3. Click OK to save your changes and close the dialog.


Changing the value for Flow attachment position changes the rhythmic position in the music at which the video starts.

Changing the value for Video start offset changes the position in the video that occurs at the Flow attachment position.

For example, if you change the Video start offset to 00:00:05:00 and the Flow attachment position to 8, then the fifth second in the video happens on the eighth beat in the music.

  • The initial rhythmic position is 0. Therefore, if the Flow attachment position is set to 8 and the time signature is 4/4, the flow attachment occurs on the first beat in the third bar.

  • Changing the Video start offset changes what part of the video coincides with the Flow attachment position, but this does not cut the video before this point. Any preceding video material is shown as long as it happens within the flow.