Changing the instrument score order

You can change the default order in which staves appear in all layouts; for example, if your project requires an unconventional instrument score order.


You have created any custom instrument score orders that you want to use.


  1. In Setup mode, in the Players panel, click and hold or right-click Sort Players .
  2. Choose one of the available instrument score orders.

    Dorico Pro provides the following instrument score orders by default:

    • None

    • Jazz

    • Orchestral

    • Band

  3. Optional: If you chose None, click and drag players upwards/downwards.

    An insertion line indicates where the players will be positioned.


The instrument score order is changed. All players are automatically sorted according to first instrument they hold and the new instrument score order, including if you later add or delete players.

  • This does not change the player order in layouts with custom player orders.

  • When you move players manually in the Players panel, Dorico Pro automatically changes the instrument score order to None. This preserves your player order if you later add more players, for example.

  • You can also select instrument score orders from the Order menu in the status bar.

After Completing This Task

You can renumber instruments so that their numbering matches their instrument score order.