You can print layouts from Dorico Pro projects to any printer to which your computer is connected.

You can select different printers for each layout in your project. This allows you to send layouts to the most appropriate printer for their requirements. You can select a printer when Printer is chosen in the Destination section of the Print Options panel.

Dorico Pro uses the same printer as designated by the operating system by default, unless you specify another printer. In this case, the settings in the following sections in the Print Options panel can change:

  • In the Page Setup section, the list of available paper sizes lists only paper sizes that the chosen printer provides.

  • In the Duplex Printing section, the option for automatic duplex printing is only available if the chosen printer has this function.


The printer menu in the Destination section only shows the name of a printer if all currently selected layouts are set to print to the same printer. If you select a new printer from the menu, all selected layouts are set to print to that printer.