Printing layouts

You can print hard copies of individual layouts or multiple layouts together. You can specify print settings for each layout independently; for example, you can set different numbers of copies or select different printers for layouts in the same project.

Dorico Pro uses settings for layouts to create automatic print settings, so you might find that many print options are already appropriate for the layouts you want to print. For example, if you are connected to a printer that can print A3 paper and the page size of your full score layout is set to A3 in Layout Options, Dorico Pro automatically selects A3 in the Page Setup section of the Print Options panel.

  • If you want to save layouts in graphics files formats, such as PDF or PNG, we recommend that you export them.

  • You can select individual layouts and set up their printing options without printing straight away. Once you have set up the printing options you want for different layouts, you can then select all the layouts you want to print and click Print. Your existing print settings are applied, even if your selection contains layouts with different print settings.

    For example, you can set your full score layout to print 3 booklet copies and the part layouts to print 1 2-up copy each. You can then select all layouts to print them together and the previously set values are followed.


  1. In the Layouts panel, select the layouts that you want to print.

    The layout selector in the toolbar is disabled in Print mode. To show a different layout in the print preview area, select it in the Layouts panel.

  2. In the Print Options panel, enter the number of copies you want into the Copies field in the Destination section.

    The Copies field appears blank when you have selected layouts with different values.

  3. Activate/Deactivate Collate copies.
  4. In the Destination section, choose Printer and select a printer from the menu.
  5. In the Job Type section, select the page arrangement you want from the menu.
  6. Optional: Specify a range of pages/flows.
  7. In the Page Setup section, select a paper size from the menu.
  8. Choose the paper orientation you want.
  9. Optional: If you selected Spreads or 2-up for the job type, activate/deactivate Print odd final page on to specify the paper size on which you want to print final pages for layouts with odd numbers of pages.
  10. Select a paper size and paper orientation for the odd final page.
  11. Choose one of the following size options:
    • Fit to Paper

    • Custom Scale

  12. Optional: If you selected Custom Scale, enter the scale factor you want into the Scale factor field.
  13. In the Duplex Printing section, select one of the printing options from the Print on menu.
  14. Optional: If you selected a duplex printing option, use the bottom two menus to select how the printed image is flipped when printing on the reverse side of the paper.
  15. In the Annotations section, activate each annotation you want to add to the selected layouts.
  16. Click Print.


The selected layouts are printed according to the print settings you have applied.

If your selection included part layouts set to concert pitch that contain transposing instruments, Dorico Pro shows a warning and offers to switch them all to transposed pitch before printing/exporting. You can also select which layouts you want to switch to transposed pitch or proceed anyway with no changes.

  • You can choose to show a warning when printing/exporting concert or transposed pitch full score and custom score layouts in Preferences > General > Files.

  • You can assign key commands to different printing and exporting commands on the Key Commands page in Preferences.