Repeats in playback

Dorico Pro supports the playback of repeat structures, including repeat endings, repeat barlines, and repeat markers, provided all the correct jumps and sections are in place.

There is no limit to the number of repeat structures you can have in a single flow and still obtain correct playback.

By default, Dorico Pro plays sections between repeat barlines twice and includes repeats in playback, except after repeat jumps, such as D.S. al Coda.

During playback, the bars/beats and time displays in the mini transport and Transport window reflect the playhead position in repeat structures.

Dynamics and tempo marks are reflected in repeats by default. Repeats are also included in both audio and MIDI exports.

  • When repeat structures are unbalanced and would play back infinitely, Dorico Pro automatically excludes repeats from playback.

  • You can mute individual notes/items to exclude them from playback in specific playthroughs only.