Filters in Dorico Pro allow you to select only a specific type of item from a larger selection. Dorico Pro includes a filter for every notation item.

  • You can find the available filters by choosing Edit > Filter > [Item] > [Item type]. You can also choose filters from the context menu.

All significant notation items have their own filter; for example, arpeggio signs, chord symbols, key signatures, and playing techniques. You can also filter for note spacing changes.

The following items have multiple filters because they have multiple types:


Allows you to filter notes, grace notes, and chords. You can also filter notes according to their accidental, pitch, and position in chords.


Allows you to filter voices according to their stem direction. You can also filter slash voices.


Allows you to filter all dynamics, or just gradual or immediate dynamics.


Allows you to filter all tempo marks, or just absolute, relative, or gradual tempo changes.


Allows you to filter all lyrics, or just lyrics with a specific line number, type, or staff-relative placement.


There is no filter for barlines. You also cannot filter notations that are considered part of the notes to which they apply, including fingerings, beams, articulations, and tremolos.