Capo vs. main chords

For the same chord symbol, Dorico Pro can show its original pitch only, its sounding pitch based on the defined capo only, or both with capo chords above or below main chords.

Main chord

The original chord symbol you input. Its displayed pitches depend on whether the layout is transposing or concert pitch, and whether the layout uses fretted instrument transpositions for main chord symbols. For example, in the transposed pitch part layout for a trumpet in B, a C7 chord symbol appears as D7.

Capo chord

The chord that the fretted instrument must play in order to produce the desired main chord, according to the fret position of the capo. For example, if a guitarist with a capo on the second fret plays Gm7, the chord that sounds is Am7.

By default, capo chords appear in italics when shown alongside main chords.


You can choose to show capo chords in parentheses instead and change the vertical gap between capo and main chord symbols in Engraving Options > Chord Symbols > Capo.