Edit Repeatable Symbols dialog

The Edit Repeatable Symbols dialog allows you to change the appearance and settings of all repeatable symbols in the project and add, edit, and delete custom repeatable symbols.

You can open the Edit Repeatable Symbols dialog in any of the following ways:

  • Choose Library > Repeatable Symbols.

  • In the Edit Line Bodies dialog, when editing a repeatable symbol line body, click Edit in the symbol selector action bar.

Edit Repeatable Symbols dialog

The Edit Repeatable Symbols dialog contains the following sections and options:

  1. Search field

    Allows you to filter repeatable symbols according to your entry.

  2. Repeatable symbols list

    Contains all the repeatable symbols in the project.

    The action bar at the bottom of the list contains the following options:

    • New : Adds a new blank repeatable symbol and opens the Edit Repeatable Symbol dialog, where you can design your new repeatable symbol.

    • Save as Default : Saves the selected repeatable symbol to your user library, allowing you to use it in multiple projects. Appears as for repeatable symbols saved as default.

    • Revert to Factory : Removes all your changes to the selected repeatable symbol, returning it to its saved settings and appearance.

    • Delete : Deletes the selected repeatable symbol.


      You cannot delete predefined repeatable symbols or any repeatable symbol that is currently used in your project.

  3. Name

    Allows you to enter a new name or edit the existing name for the selected repeatable symbol.

  4. Preview

    Displays the repeatable symbol in its current form.

    The action bar below the preview contains the following options:

    • Show Multiple: Allows you to show the selected repeatable symbol once or multiple times, as it might appear in a line body.

    • Show Repeat Point: Hides/Shows a vertical line on the repeatable symbol or on each repetition at the point where the following symbol starts.

  5. Line annotation options

    Contains options that control the selected repeatable symbol.

    • Symbol: Clicking Edit opens the Edit Repeatable Symbol dialog, where you can edit the appearance of the repeatable symbol.

    • Repeat offset: Allows you to set the point along the repeatable symbol where the following symbol starts, measured in spaces from the left edge of the repeatable symbol.