Changing the width of multi-bar rest H-bars

You can choose whether Dorico Pro calculates the width H-bars in multi-bar rests using either an inset from barlines, meaning their width varies depending on the width of bars, or a fixed width regardless of the width of bars.


  1. Press Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-E to open Engraving Options.
  2. Click Rests in the category list.
  3. In the Multi-bar Rests section, choose one of the following options for H-bar width in the Design subsection:
    • Inset from barlines

    • Fixed width

  4. Optional: If you chose Inset from barlines, change the value for Gap between end of H-bar and barline.
  5. Optional: If you chose Fixed width, change the value for Fixed H-bar width.
  6. Click Apply, then Close.


The width of all H-bars is changed project-wide.