Deleting rests

You can delete both implicit rests and explicit rests, for example, if you want to hide rests before/after notes in another voice used to show passing notes.

  • If you want to delete rests because multiple rests of the same duration appear at the same position in multiple-voice contexts, you can choose to consolidate these rests in the Rest positioning section of the Rests page in Notation Options.

  • You cannot delete rests from unpitched percussion instruments.


  1. In Write mode, select the rests you want to delete.

    You can select rests individually, or make a larger selection that contains the rests you want to delete.

  2. Choose Edit > Remove Rests.


All rests in the selection are deleted. This is done by automatically activating Starts voice and Ends voice in the Notes and Rests group of the Properties panel so that no rests are shown in the selected regions.


You can show rests again later by selecting the notes or rests immediately to the right/left of deleted rests and deactivating the corresponding Starts voice or Ends voice properties in the Notes and Rests group of the Properties panel.


Figure 1. A phrase with multiple voices showing implicit rests.
Figure 2. The same phrase after deleting the rests.