Hiding/Showing bar rests in additional voices

You can hide/show bar rests between notes or explicit rests in additional voices on a per-flow basis, for example, you might show bar rests in contrapuntal music to ensure each voice can be easily followed.


  1. Press Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-N to open Notation Options.
  2. In the Flows list, select the flows in which you want to hide/show bar rests in additional voices.

    By default, only the current flow is selected when you open the dialog.

  3. Click Rests in the category list.
  4. In the Rests in Additional Voices section, choose one of the following options for Bar rests in additional voices:
    • Show bar rests

    • Omit bar rests

  5. Click Apply, then Close.


Bar rests are shown between notes or explicit rests in all voices in the selected flows when you choose Show bar rests, and hidden when you choose Omit bar rests.


Show bar rests does not automatically show bar rests in empty bars before the first note or explicit rest in additional voices. For additional voices that do not start in the first bar, you must input a bar rest in the first bar manually.