Project-wide engraving options for bracketed noteheads

You can find options for the project-wide appearance and position of notehead brackets on the Bracketed Noteheads page in Engrave > Engraving Options.

The options on the Bracketed Noteheads page allow you to change the default gaps between round and square notehead brackets and noteheads, the thickness and shape of notehead brackets, and the appearance of round brackets on both notation staves and tablature.


Round brackets on single noteheads that use the font glyph do not show handles in Engrave mode, meaning you cannot lengthen/shorten them or change their shape/width.

You can also change the maximum interval within chords for which you want to allow Dorico Pro to use a single bracket and whether adjacent strings in tablature show a single bracket or separate brackets.

There are musical examples for many options to demonstrate how they affect the appearance of your music.