Appearance of figured bass

The appearance of individual figures is determined either by your current engraving options or your popover entry, depending on the figured bass input setting when you input them.

When inputting figured bass, you can change whether you want Dorico Pro to interpret your entries and apply the current engraving options for the appearance of figured bass to them or to follow your entries exactly, for example, if you are reproducing a piece of music and know in advance exactly how you want figures to appear.

You can reset individual figures that you input with the figured bass input setting Follow input literally so they follow the default settings, and you can fix the current appearance of individual figures.

Figured bass in Dorico Pro uses a bold roman font by default. You can change the font used for figured bass project-wide and edit the formatting of figured bass font styles.

Figures appear as signposts if Dorico Pro either does not normally show them, such as third intervals, or cannot identify the bass note for them, such as on a rest.


You can find many options for the default project-wide appearance of figures on the Figured Bass page in Engrave > Engraving Options. For example, where to position the stroke on raised fifth and sixth intervals.