Gradual dynamics

Gradual dynamics indicate a change in volume that happens incrementally over the specified duration. They usually appear either as hairpins or as text instructions, such as cresc. or dim..

A pair of hairpins without an immediate dynamic in the middle is known as a messa di voce.

In Dorico Pro, gradual dynamics appear as hairpins by default. You can change the appearance of individual gradual dynamics and their default appearance project-wide. For example, if you want to show a particularly long crescendo using cresc. text rather than a hairpin.

You can show gradual dynamic text in the following ways:

  • cresc. or dim.: Abbreviated text with no continuation line

  • cresc... or dim...: Abbreviated text with a dotted continuation line

  • cre-scen-do or di-mi-nuen-do: The full word spread out across the duration of the gradual dynamic

You can also show two or more consecutive hairpins of the same direction that are separated by immediate dynamics as a single, continuous hairpin.

In Engrave mode, hairpins have three square handles at both the start and end:

  • The middle handles at the start/end change the offset position of the start/end of the hairpin.

  • The pair of outer handles at the start/end adjusts the aperture of the corresponding end of the hairpin.

Figure 1. A hairpin with the start middle handle selected in Engrave mode

You can use these handles to change the angle of hairpins.