Properties panel (Engrave mode)

The Properties panel in Engrave mode provides options that allow you to edit individual notes and notations. All the properties that are available in the Properties panel in Write mode are also available in Engrave mode, but additional properties in Engrave mode allow you to edit items in more detail.

You can hide/show the Properties panel in Write mode and Engrave mode in any of the following ways:

  • Press Ctrl/Cmd-8.

  • Click the disclosure arrow at the bottom of the main window.

  • Choose Window > Show Bottom Panel.

The Properties panel contains a group of properties for each notation item. When you select a note or item in the music area, the Properties panel displays the groups and options that you might require to edit the selected note or item. If there are more available groups than can fit in the panel simultaneously, you can scroll to the right/left along the displayed groups.

  • If you select multiple different types of notation items, only the groups that they have in common are displayed. For example, if you select a slur, the Common and Slurs groups are displayed in the Properties panel. However, if you select a slur and a note, only the Common group is displayed.

  • If the property scope is set to Locally, changing local properties only affects the current layout and frame chain. You can set the property scope to Globally if you want subsequent changes to local properties to affect all layouts and frame chains. You can also copy property changes to other layouts and frame chains later.

Figure 1. Properties panel in Engrave mode, filtered by a search term

At the top of the Properties panel there are the following options:


Allows you to filter properties according to your entry.

Show (active status)

Allows you to filter properties according to their activated status.

  • Active: Shows only activated properties.

  • All: Shows all properties.

Show (property scope)

Allows you to filter properties according to their property scope.

  • Local Only: Shows only local properties.

  • Global Only: Shows only global properties.

  • All: Shows all properties.

Set local properties

Allows you to change the scope of subsequent local properties you change.

  • Locally: Local properties only take effect locally.

  • Globally: Local properties take effect globally.