Flows panel

The Flows panel contains all the flows in the project, shown in a horizontal list. It is located at the bottom of the window in Setup mode.

Flows panel in Setup mode

In the Flows panel, each flow is shown as a card. Each flow card shows the following:

  1. Flow name

    Shows the name of the flow. If you create multiple flows without renaming them, each flow name shows a number that increments with each new flow that you create.

  2. Flow number

    Shows the number of the flow. The number increments with each new flow that you create or import. The number also indicates the position of the flow in a layout.

The Flows panel contains the following options:

Reorder Flows
Reorder Flows button

Allows you to reorder flows. When deactivated, you can scroll along flows in the Flows panel.

Add Flow
Add Flow button

Adds a new flow to your project. By default, every new flow is included in all layouts, and every player is added to the new flow.

Notation Options
Notation Options button

Opens the Notation Options dialog that provides multiple options that allow you to make changes that affect the way music is notated for each flow.

Delete Flow
Delete Flow button

Deletes the selected flows from the project.