New features


Documentation for this new version is ongoing and will be updated regularly. Whilst we update the operation manual for the iPad, you may encounter some discrepancies between screenshots and descriptions in the operation manual and how the application appears and functions on your iPad.

New Features in Version 1.1.0

Player limit for subscribers
Note tools popover
  • You can now access the note tools popover, formerly known as the “add intervals popover”, from the Notations toolbox in Write mode. See Notations toolbox.

Requantizing notes
Resetting the appearance and position of items

New Features in Version 1.0.0

Automatic player sorting
  • By default, players are now automatically sorted in orchestral order, regardless of the order in which you add them to the project. You can change the player sorting setting in the Players panel in Setup mode. See Players panel.

Ensemble picker
  • When adding ensembles, you can now build custom ensembles and save them for future projects. See Ensemble picker.

Notes toolbox
  • Some functions in the Notes toolbox now have additional options available when you click and hold their button, including allowing you to open the tuplets popover. See Notes toolbox.

Context menu
Panels/Popovers switch
  • You can now switch between accessing panels and popovers from the Notations toolbox in Write mode. See Notations toolbox.

Lower zone
  • The lower zone, formerly known as the “bottom panel”, now contains multiple different panels, including Keyboard, Fretboard, and Drum Pads panels that you can use to input notes and the Mixer and Key Editor panels that you can use to adjust playback. See Lower zone (Write mode).

Read view
  • You can show the current layout in a full page view with view options hidden, allowing you to play along with the music with your iPad on a music stand, for example. It supports turning pages in multiple ways. See Read view.