Read view

Read view displays the current layout in a full page view with view options hidden, allowing you to play along with it, for example, on a piano. It supports turning pages in multiple ways.

  • You can open Read view by clicking Application Menu in the toolbar and choosing Read, or tapping the screen with four fingers.

Read view showing page 10 of a guitar part layout

The Read view toolbar contains the following options:

Close button

Closes Read view.

Back to Start
Back to Start button

Navigates to the first page in the layout.

Previous Page
Previous Page button

Navigates to the previous page in the layout.

Next Page
Next Page button

Navigates to the next page in the layout.

Page Slider
Page slider

Allows you to scroll through pages.

Page Selector
Page selector options

Allows you to navigate to the previous/next page in the layout or enter a page number directly.