Hiding/Showing immediate dynamics

You can hide/show individual immediate dynamics such as and , for example, if you only want to show the dynamic modifier, such as “sim.”, without its accompanying immediate dynamic. You can do this for the current layout and frame chain only or for all layouts and frame chains.


You have chosen the appropriate property scope for local properties.


  1. Select the immediate dynamics you want to hide, or the signposts of immediate dynamics you want to show. You can do this in Write mode and Engrave mode.
  2. In the Properties panel, activate/deactivate Hide intensity marking in the Dynamics group.


The selected immediate dynamics are hidden when Hide intensity marking is activated, and shown when it is deactivated. If the property scope was set to Locally, this change only takes effect in the current layout and frame chain.

If no other dynamic exists at their rhythmic position, they are indicated by signposts. However, signposts are not printed by default.