Adding slurs

Most phrases in this piece have slurs. This task starts by adding slurs to the phrases you have already input, then describes inputting a slur alongside new notes.


  1. In bar 1, click anywhere on the eighth note beam on the top staff to select all notes in the beam.

    Eighth notes selected in bar 1

  2. Press S to add a slur across the selected notes.

    Slur added to the eighth notes in bar 1

    • You can also add slurs by clicking Slur Slur button in the Notes panel in the Notes panel on the left of the window.

  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each phrase that requires a slur, up to the end of bar 8.
    • The slur across bars 9-10 joins notes in different voices, so you have to select these notes differently.

  4. In bar 9, select the down-stem note.
  5. Ctrl/Cmd-click at least one note in bar 10 on the top staff.

    Notes in the down-stem voice selected

  6. Press S to add a slur between the selected notes.

    Slur added to the selected down-stem notes

  7. Repeat steps 4 to 6 for the other cross-voice slurs in bars 11-13.
    Slurs added in bars 11-13
    • If you have Dorico Pro or Dorico Elements, in a later task you can flip these slurs and adjust their shape, so they start on the rests.

    • This is as far as you have input notes, so now you can input notes and slurs together.

  8. Select the rest in bar 14 on the top staff.
  9. Press Shift-N to start note input.
  10. If the note symbol beside the caret is down-stem, press V to switch to the up-stem voice.
  11. If chord input is active, press Q to stop chord input.
  12. Press 5 to select eighth notes (quavers).
  13. Press S to start a slur.
  14. Input the notes under the first slur, up to the first eighth note (quaver) in bar 17.
  15. Press Shift-S to stop the slur without stopping note input.
    Inputting a slur alongside notes
  16. Press F to input the F at the start of the next phrase.
  17. Press S to start another slur on the currently selected note; that is, the F you just input.
  18. Input the notes under the second slur, up to the end of bar 17.
    Inputting a second slur alongside notes, after stopping the first
  19. Press 7 to select half notes, then . (period) to add a rhythm dot, making the duration dotted half notes.
  20. Press G.
    Slurs input in bars 14-18
  21. Press Shift-S to stop the slur.
  22. Press Esc or Return to stop note input.


You have added slurs to existing phrases, including cross-voice slurs, and input slurs alongside inputting notes.

After Completing This Task

You can copy the music on both staves in bars 3-4 into bars 19-20.