Adding the repeat ending

Repeat ending structures in Dorico automatically incorporate the lines above the staff and the repeat barline. In the original edition, the second ending has a closed hook end, so you can also replicate that.


  1. In bar 39, select any note on the first beat.
  2. Shift-click anything that lasts until the end of bar 40, such as the note on beat 3 on the bottom staff or the bar rest on the top staff.
    Selection of notes and a bar rest spanning bars 39-40
  3. Press Shift-R to open the repeats popover.
  4. Enter end or ending into the popover.
    Repeats popover above the staff with an entry for a repeat ending
  5. Press Return to close the popover and input a repeat ending where the first ending spans the duration of your selections, and the second ending lasts one bar.
    Repeat ending input in bars 39-40
  6. Select the repeat ending, then press Shift-Alt/Opt-Right Arrow to lengthen the second ending so it lasts two bars.
    Second ending after lengthening its duration
  7. In the Properties panel in the lower zone, activate End of line in the Repeat Endings group and select Closed from the menu to give the line a hook end.
    • If you can't see the Properties panel, press Ctrl/Cmd-8 to show the lower zone, then select Properties Properties button in the lower zone toolbar in the lower zone toolbar.

    Second ending after changing its line end


You have added the repeat ending, lengthened the duration of the second ending, and changed its end so the second ending has a hook. Dorico inputs a repeat barline at the end of the first ending automatically.