During the following tasks, you will be using the caret to input notes. In Dorico, the caret is a vertical line that shows the rhythmic position at which notes, chords, or notation items are input.

The caret has a note symbol beside it, which indicates the stem direction and type of the currently selected voice. It has a + symbol if the voice is new.

The caret on a treble staff, ready to input notes

The appearance and behavior of the caret changes depending on the input mode and the currently selected voice number. For example, when you are inputting notes, the caret advances to the next rhythmic position automatically after each note, but when inputting chords or notes on tablature, the caret does not advance automatically. The caret also looks different when inputting grace notes or notes into a slash voice, and when Insert or Chord mode is activated.

When the caret is active, notes and notations are input at its position. This allows you to input dynamics and playing techniques in the middle of notes and tie chains, for example.