Retrieving played notes that you did not record

During playback, you can play notes on your MIDI keyboard and hear them without recording them into the score. You can use retrospective recording to retrieve these notes and input them into the project without previously explicitly recording them.


You have started playback, played notes on a MIDI device alongside playback, then stopped playback.


  1. Select a note or rest on the staff where you want to input the retrieved notes.
  2. Optional: If you want to input retrieved notes without overwriting any existing notes on the staff, press Q to activate Chords.
  3. Press Ctrl/Cmd-Alt/Opt-R.


All the notes you played on your MIDI device during the previous playback are input on the selected staff, starting from the selected rhythmic position. They are input into the first available voice on the staff and overwrite any existing notes in that voice by default. If you activated Chords, the retrieved notes are merged into the first available voice on the staff without overwriting any existing notes.


The retrospective recording buffer is cleared each time you start playback, meaning you cannot retrieve music you played before the most recent playback.