Project window in Write mode

The project window in Write mode contains the default toolbar, the music area, and the status bar. It provides toolboxes and panels with the tools and functions required to write your music.

You can switch to Write mode in any of the following ways:

  • Press Ctrl/Cmd-2.

  • Click Write in the toolbar.

  • Choose Window > Write.

Figure 1. Toolboxes and panels in Write mode

The following panels and toolboxes are available in Write mode:

  1. Notes toolbox

    Contains tools that affect note input.

  2. Notes panel

    Contains the note durations, accidentals, and articulations that are most commonly used during note input.

  3. Notations panel

    Contains notation items that you can add to your music, such as dynamics and playing techniques, divided into separate categories. Your current selection in the Notations toolbox determines which notation items are shown.

  4. Notations toolbox

    Allows you to determine which notation items are shown in the Notations panel, and to input certain items directly, such as rehearsal marks, chord symbols, and fingerings.

  5. Properties panel

    Contains properties that allow you to make individual modifications to the currently selected notes and notations, independently of your project-wide settings.


    If the property scope is set to Locally, changing local properties only affects the current layout and frame chain. You can set the property scope to Globally if you want subsequent changes to local properties to affect all layouts and frame chains. You can also copy property changes to other layouts and frame chains later.