Changing the click settings

You can change the sound, volume, and subdivision of the metronome click, which is always used during MIDI recording. During playback, the click only sounds if the metronome is activated.

By default, Dorico Pro only subdivides the beat in the metronome click in compound time signatures, and uses a beep for the metronome click sound. The beep is a higher pitched tone for the first beat of the bar and a lower and quieter tone for subsequent beats of the bar. Further beat subdivisions use even lower tones.

The click is produced by a tone generator called DoricoBeep. You can change the device used for the click in the Time track header in Play mode.


There is no click in open meter or when there is no time signature.


  1. Press Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-P to open Playback Options.
  2. Click Click in the category list.
  3. In the Metronome Click section, activate/deactivate the following options for Beat subdivisions:
    • Subdivide beats in simple time signatures

    • Subdivide beats in compound time signatures

  4. Choose one of the following options for Click sound:
    • Click (unpitched)

    • Beep (pitched)

    • Wood Block

  5. For Pitch and velocity, change the MIDI pitch and/or Velocity values for any of the following types of beat:
    • First beat

    • Subsequent beats

    • Beat subdivisions

  6. Click Apply, then Close.


The sound, volume, and subdivision settings for the metronome click in the current project are changed.