Changing the font used for tuplet numbers/ratios

By default, tuplet numbers/ratios are drawn in a bold, italic, Arabic font that is similar in appearance to fingerings. You can change the font used for all tuplet numbers/ratios project-wide. This also affects the appearance of note value indications.


  1. Press Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-E to open Engraving Options.
  2. Click Tuplets in the page list.
  3. In the Number and Ratio section, choose one of the following options for Tuplet digit style:
    • Bold weight

    • Regular weight

    • Plain font

  4. Click Apply, then Close.


The font used for tuplet numbers/ratios project-wide is changed.

  • Bold weight and Regular weight are both based on the Tuplet Font style, which must be SMuFL-compliant.

  • Plain font uses the Tuplet Plain Font style, which can be any text font.


You can edit different aspects of the Tuplet Plain Font style, such as its font size, in the Edit Font Styles dialog.