In Dorico Pro, the term lyrics is used for all text that is sung by singers.

To differentiate sung text from any other forms of text that often appear in musical scores, other forms of text are referred to as performance instructions, tempos, dynamics, and so on.

In Dorico Pro, lyrics were designed so that it is simple to make changes to existing lyrics without having to re-input new lyrics each time. For example, you can change the syllable type of lyrics so that they are either followed or not followed by a hyphen.

Lyrics are organized into lines to ensure consistent horizontal alignment and to make showing verse numbers simple and accurate. There are different types of lyric lines for lyrics with different purposes, and the appearance of lyrics changes depending on their line type. For example, lyrics in a chorus line are shown in an italic font.

When inputting lyrics, you can use key commands to switch between lyric lines, to change on which side of the staff lyrics are input, and to switch the lyric style between normal lyrics, chorus lyrics, and translation lyrics. You can also change the type of lyrics after they have been input.

You can input multiple lines of lyrics, chorus lyrics, and translations, both above or below staves.

You can filter lyrics according to their type and lyric line by choosing Edit > Filter > Lyrics and choosing a lyric type or lyric line from the menu.