Lyric hyphens and lyric extender lines

Lyric hyphens indicate that individual lyrics are syllables within multi-syllabic words, for example, Hal-le-lu-jah. Lyric extender lines indicate that individual lyrics extend across multiple notes.

Dorico Pro automatically inputs and positions lyric hyphens when you advance the lyrics popover by pressing - between syllables, and lyric extender lines when you advance the lyrics popover by pressing Space multiple times after an entry.

In Engrave mode, lyric hyphens and lyric extender lines have two square handles, one at the start and one at the end. You can move whole lyric hyphens and lyric extenders lines, and you can also move their handles independently of each other. This allows you to lengthen/shorten lyric hyphens and extender lines, which for lyric hyphens means increasing/decreasing the length of the space in which lyric hyphens are shown.

Figure: Lyric extender line with handles shown

Figure: Lyric hyphen with handles shown


You can change the default lyric hyphen in the Hyphens section of the Lyrics page in Engrave > Engraving Options.