Moving tuplets rhythmically

You can move tuplets to different rhythmic positions after they have been input.


  1. In Write mode, select the tuplets you want to move.

    A tuplet number/ratio or bracket must be included in the selection if you want the notes to stay a tuplet. If a tuplet number/ratio or tuplet bracket is not selected, the notes become normal notes of their rhythmic value when you move them beyond the position of the tuplet.

  2. Move the selected tuplets in any of the following ways:
    • Press Alt-Right Arrow to move them to the right.

    • Press Alt-Left Arrow to move them to the left.


    You cannot move tuplets rhythmically using the mouse.


The selected tuplets move to the right/left along the staff according to the current rhythmic grid value.

If a tuplet number/ratio or tuplet bracket is included in the selection, the whole tuplet is moved along the staff. If it crosses a barline, the tuplet is automatically adjusted to compensate.

  • If any of your selected notes collide with other notes in the same staff and at the same rhythmic position that are in the same voice as your selected notes, the existing notes are deleted and replaced with your selected notes.

    You can undo moving notes immediately afterward, which restores any notes deleted in the process.

  • Tuplets are not automatically adjusted at the mid-point of bars, where it is convention to split tuplets to show the beat division. You must enter two tuplets manually to show the beat division at the mid-point of bars.