Deleting tuplets

You can delete tuplets, including all the tuplet notes, but you can also delete tuplet brackets and numbers/ratios without deleting the corresponding notes.


  1. In Write mode, select the tuplets you want to delete.

    To delete an entire tuplet and all the notes within it, select all the noteheads and the corresponding tuplet bracket or tuplet number/ratio.

  2. Press Backspace or Delete.


The selected tuplets are deleted.

  • Selecting just the notes deletes the notes, but does not delete the tuplet.

  • Selecting just the tuplet bracket or tuplet number/ratio deletes the tuplet, and the notes that were previously within the tuplet are retained with the same notated duration. For example, deleting the bracket from triplet quarter notes leaves the notes previously in the triplet as three quarter notes.


This overrides existing notes immediately after the tuplet. However, if Insert mode is activated, any subsequent existing notes are pushed to later rhythmic positions to accommodate the extra rhythmic durations required.