Extended Toolbar

The extended toolbar contains additional tools for your score.

  • To show the extended toolbar, click Set up Window Layout on the toolbar, and activate Tools.

Insert to Voice buttons

Shows the voices of the active staff. Activate a voice button to insert notes into that voice. Activate Lock Insert Staff to lock the movement of notes and other objects between staves.

Note Value buttons

Shows the note values for note input, as well as options for triplet and dotted note values. Activate a note value button to insert notes of that value.

Enharmonic Shift buttons

Activate a button to change the display of the selected note. Off resets the notes to original display. No shows no accidentals, regardless of the pitch.

Functions buttons

Get Info opens the Set Note Info dialog for the selected note.

Flip flips the stem of the selected note.

Group Notes groups the selected notes under a beam.

Auto Layout opens the Auto Layout dialog that allows you to adjust such as bar widths and staff distances.

Hide hides the selected notes and objects.

Position Panel opens the Position Info window that allows you to view and adjust object positions in the ruler display format.


In Page Mode, you can also open the Position Info window by clicking in the ruler.

Make Chord Symbols analyzes the selected notes and creates a chord symbol. For this to work, all selected notes must be located in the same MIDI part.

Force Update forces a redraw of the whole page.

One down allows you to select the next lower dynamics symbol.

One up allows you to select the next higher dynamics symbol.

Layer buttons

Activate a layer button to unlock this layer and display the score objects that are assigned to that layer.

Toggle All Layers toggles the lock state of all layers.

Layer 1, Layer 2, and Layer 3 contains the score objects that you assigned to the corresponding note layers.

Layout Layer contains all the score objects that are associated with the layout layer.

Project Layer contains all the score objects that are associated with the project layer.

Colorize Layer displays the score objects in different colors, where each color stands for a specific type of layer.

Set Up Score Lock Layers allows you to set up which object types are associated with that layer.