Working with Layouts

Cubase automatically creates layouts when you edit a single track or a combination of tracks. Layouts are presets that contain settings for the layout layer. They are an integral part of the specific track combination.

Different layouts allow you to keep different appearances for the same track or set of tracks. This is useful if you want to print the entire score or if you want to extract a musical part from a full score.

Layouts allow you to open another combination of tracks in the Score Editor by selecting them in the Layouts list in the Score Settings dialog (Layout tab).

Layouts contain the following items and properties:

  • The inserted layout symbols

  • All settings on the Layout page of the Score Settings dialog

  • The vertical spacing of the staves

  • Barline spacing

  • Broken barlines


Project symbols, barline types, and bar number offsets are part of the Project layer. They are displayed in all layouts.

Layouts are automatically named according to their tracks. On the Layout page of the Score Settings dialog, you can rename layouts in the Layout Name field.