Creating Grace Notes

You can create grace notes by converting any note into a grace note. Grace notes do not affect the rest of the score display in any way.


  1. Locate the note for which you want to add a grace note.
  2. Insert one or more new notes just before it.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Double-click a notehead to open the Set Note Info dialog and from the Type pop-up menu, select Grace.

    • Right-click one of the notes and select Convert to Grace Note from the context menu.


The grace note is positioned just before the next note on the staff.

  • If two grace notes are at the same position, they are put onto the same stem, as a chord.

  • If multiple grace notes in front of the same note are put on different positions, they are grouped under a beam, and their order under the beam is controlled by their order in the track.

  • If you put a grace note one tick before the next grace note, they are shown in the desired order under the beam.

    Initially the grace notes are put in with a 32nd note beam. By double-clicking the note and changing the flag type in the Set Note Info dialog, you can change this.

    Figure 1. Complex grace notes