Inserting Clefs, Keys, or Time Signatures

You can insert clef, key, or time signature changes anywhere in the score.


  1. On the Symbols tab, open the Clefs etc. section.
  2. Select the symbol that you want to insert.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • To insert the symbol on one staff, click the position where you want to insert the symbol.

    • To insert the symbol on all staves, hold down Alt/Opt, and click the position where you want to insert the symbol.

    • You can use the Mouse Time Position display on the status line to find the exact location.

    • You can only insert time signature changes at the beginning of a bar. Time signature changes are inserted on the signature track, which affects all tracks.


If you insert a key change, Display Transpose is taken into account. This means that if you set all staves to a new key, the staves set to Display Transpose still show the correct key after the key change.


If some of the staves are bracketed (straight brackets only, as set up in the Score Settings dialog (Layout tab) inserting a symbol for one of these staves inserts it for all other staves within the bracket. Staves outside the bracket are not affected.