Editing Note Pitches

You can edit note pitches by dragging, by using the info line or by using key commands.



To restrict vertical movement to inside the current key only, open the Event Movement Restrictions pop-up menu on the Score Editor toolbar, and activate Keep Notes within Key.


  1. Select the notes that you want to move.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Click one of the selected notes and drag it vertically to a new position.

      On the status line, the Mouse Value displays the new pitch for the dragged note.


      If you want to see the position and pitch of the note in a tooltip while you drag, activate Show Note Info by the Mouse in the Preferences dialog (Scores—Editing page).

    • On the info line, click the Pitch value field and change the value to move the note to a new note pitch.


      If you change the Pitch value for several selected notes, all selected notes are moved by an equal amount. To set all notes to the same pitch instead, hold down Ctrl/Cmd while changing the value.

    • Assign key commands to the Up and Down functions in the Nudge category of the Key Commands dialog and use them.