Note Positions

You can use the graphical position in the score to determine the note position. However, you can also verify the position numerically.

The relation between beats and bars depends on the time signature: In 4/4 there are 4 beats to a bar. In 8/8 there are eight, in 6/8 there are six, etc. The third number is the sixteenth note within the beat. The time signature determines the number of sixteenth notes to each beat. In a quarter-note-based time signature (4/4, 2/4, etc.), there are four sixteenth notes to each beat, in an eighth-note-based time signature (3/8, 4/8, etc.), there are two sixteenth notes, etc. The last value is in ticks, with 480 ticks per quarter note (and thus 120 ticks per sixteenth note).

Some note positions and their corresponding position values:

Eighth note positions
Eighth note triplet positions
Sixteenth note positions