Cutting Notes Manually

You can disable the automatic cutting mechanism of ties in a bar and insert manual cuts at any given position in the score.


  1. Select the Cut Notes tool.
  2. Open the Quantize Presets pop-up menu, and select a quantize value.
  3. Optional: Select the voice you want to make settings for.
  4. Click the notes whose note value distribution you want to change.

    A cutflag event is inserted to indicate that the automatic cutting mechanism was changed manually.


    To insert a cutflag event for all voices in a polyphonic staff, hold down Alt/Opt.


A cutflag event is inserted in the bar at the position you clicked, and the regular cutting mechanism is disabled. If a bar contains a cutflag event, the automatic cutting mechanism is disabled within that bar. All notes or rests that start before and end after a cutflag event are cut at the position of the event. To display cutflag events, make sure that Cutflag is activated on the filters bar.

After Completing This Task

To remove a cutflag event, either click again with the Cut Notes tool at the same position, or select it and press Backspace or Delete.